Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Hi all! I've been lax posting here again. I had grand plans of posting every 3 days...or maybe every 4 days...or...

I just came back from a conference this past weekend. While a fantastic experience, it also monopolized my time - not just during, but also before, as I had to prepare a presentation for it. I also started taking a summer class last week that's 2 hours every day, on top of researching full-time.

All of this is great, no complaints, but it's seriously cutting into my time. So, with that, I will officially try posting once a week (hopefully Tuesdays, if not then Wednesdays). My next Europe trip post is almost done and I will try my best to get it up tonight.

Thanks for you patience, and please stick with me, I have more stories coming up!

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