As I mention in my profile section, crocheting is one of my hobbies, and I started this blog in part to document my creations. Below is an overview of my completed projects. This page will be updated regularly as I finish new projects.

Totoro (from the movie My Neighbor Totoro)

Pattern by Amigurumi To Go (a fantastic resource for crochet patterns!)
I freehanded the leaf, but would be happy to post how I did it if there's interest.

Miniature Narwhal

This one is fully my own design, except for using the sphere pattern calculator to ensure the head turned out nice and round. I need to polish the pattern up a bit; once I do, I will post the pattern.

Quarter (the Canadian variant) for scale

Many thanks to my brother for hand modelling!
I've also made a manatee, based on the same body. Unfortunately my prototype was promptly claimed and so I have not yet had a chance to take pictures :).


This was my first requested project. A friend wanted a penguin, and I happened to have one on hand :). Pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli, from her book Amigurumi World.

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