Saturday, 2 April 2016

Early Winter Photos

Here are some pictures I took near the beginning of the winter (mid- to late November, as you can see by the poppy). Since part of the intent of this blog is to track my improvements in photography, I thought I'd start with these!

 Looking back at these, I can definitely say I've improved, even over the course of the winter (which is a nice thing to see!). I have to admit, going to a proper DSLR also helped, so I can't credit all of the improvement to my becoming more skillful (all of these were, obviously, taken pre-DSLR).

 The one above (with the poppy) is my favourite of the bunch. Someone had left it on the tree after Remembrance Day, and it was such a lovely pop of colour in the bleak winter-y forest.

  I'll be posting more, newer pictures at some point in the future, so you can see my improvement!

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