Thursday, 1 December 2016

Back in Winnipeg: Photos of Oak Hammock Marsh

I must once again apologize for belated and lacking posts. There have been some things in my personal life that have prevented me from writing. With that not necessarily being resolved and exams coming up, I can't promise that next week's post will be on time either, so please bear with me.

A few weeks ago, several of us headed out to Oak Hammock Marsh for the day, to do some hiking and get out of the city for a bit. Oak Hammock is a nature centre and bird sanctuary, not far north of the city. It's isolated enough that you really feel that you're in nature, but close enough that a day trip is perfectly viable.

On the boardwalk.
Looking at the birds in the distance.
Much like my blog's title...a flock of geese, taking flight.
The centre is a restored marshland. A good chunk of the southern part of the province used to be marsh, but much of it was drained over time for farmland.
Open water in the marsh, and prairie skies.
Marsh plants.
A web of trails, built on raised dikes (and a boardwalk at one point), cuts through the marsh. You can walk a short loop or two, or connect the trails to make a reasonably long trail.

We wanted a bit of a hike so we picked a long loop. We didn't get to complete it, as there was what looked to be construction on the trail, but we did get to spend a decent amount of time walking.
Old, overgrown bench - signs of human use and human forgetfulness.
A recently moved trail leading off, more sign of humans.
You can't completely escape signs of human activity, of course, but it's still a wonderfully peaceful place.
Evening sunlight of marsh grasses and water.

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